Lift The Weight Off Your Shoulders

28 August, 2016

Lift that weight off your shoulders. Even if it takes 50 years, start right now and push it away. Imagine that it's a giant metal box, in the worst grey imaginable, and push it to the side of you. Push it away because it's dragging you down and you don't need it anymore.

It's true that pressure creates diamonds but you are not a piece of coal.


I could make a comparison here to geodes but we are so much more than that. You have lists in every corner of your house and they never end with tasks. There are so many things to do every second and they are all important. They are important but I'm telling you that you can't let it crush you. 

The world is just going to drag you down and throw things at you but you can't just sit there and take it.

Please fight. Please push back and release all of that tension built up inside of you.

Stop listening to music that makes you want to rip your hair out. Stop putting everything at the top of your list and realize that everything will be okay.

Start doing your yoga and calm down.

Not everything is dire. Not everything is dire. Not everything is dire. Not everything is dire.

I'm begging you to release all of the pent-up stress inside of you.

I'm trying to tell you that everything will be okay and I can hear you screaming "no it won't". I can hear you, people can hear you, and I'm asking that you realize stressing will not make it better. Whatever happens, will happen, and you need to accept this. Lift the pressure off, and put it away because you are not attached to it. You have a problem and you can let it go if you only loosen your grip.

Don't make my mistakes.



  1. This is so inspirational. With my never-ending to do lists and college assignments piling up everywhere I needed to read this :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. (I'm not glad that you can relate to this but) I'm glad you liked my writing and thanks your comment!


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