24 of The Best Artists on Instagram

17 September, 2019

This is a post I should have done a long time ago because of how much time I spend looking at other people's art online. It started out small but now I follow about 300 people on my Instagram and most of them are writers or artists that I adore. Pinterest is a great source for art inspiration but Instagram especially is full of so many different people creating things that I had no idea even existed.

You don't have to be an artist to appreciate art and this a great list of people who work hard to everyday to create art and can also brighten up your feed in the process! It has really opened my eyes to all of the possibilities out there and also helped me find what styles + techniques that I like best among so many other great tips. None of these images after the first one belong to me but I have listed a few examples of my favorite pieces from each account and also linked each artist to their username. Let me know if you have already seen some of these accounts or if there are new ones that you decide to follow!

how a moodboard can help sort out your thoughts

10 September, 2019

I loving using Pinterest because it is a digital mood board with all the best part of social media (fandoms, pop culture, cool aesthetics, fashion, art) without the pressure of having followers or being liked. Physical mood boards and collages have also always made so much sense to me because they are laid out in such a visually appealing way and your eyes can jump to each part in order to get a sense of the bigger picture. So I've decided to make a physical collage of my digital pins and it's helped me sort out all my thoughts that I've been looking at online and these are few reasons to why it's been so effective.

a love letter to summertime

14 August, 2019

I stopped writing for a couple of months because I was feeling particularly uninspired and summer was what I needed to realign myself and focus again on doing the things that I really want to do. So I'm back with a lot of photography, some dreamy poetry, and a short piece about why summer has always been my favorite time of year. I've also just watched 500 Days of Summer and realize how much my last post "unbalanced love" was me predicting what that movie was going to be about before I even watched it. It changed me a little bit and I'm trying to be less of a hopeless romantic and more of a . . slightly more realistic . . . romantic. Let's go with that.

unbalanced love

16 July, 2019

Many people consider there to be more than one type of love. Love we have for friends or family, love that is romantic, love that we have for ourselves. When we love, we do so recklessly because we cannot help the way that we love. It is the fire that burns forever and fuels us. Sometimes you love people because they love you back and sometimes you love people because you know they cannot love you back. Sometimes it is unbalanced and sometimes this balance is what gets you up in the morning. I'm holding onto it anyway and trying to find my way through.

June In Poetry

08 July, 2019

As often as I journal, I write poetry. Usually it is a collection of my thoughts from journaling that I just turn into rhymes and verse, but it makes me feel really free. I don't follow too much structure or follow any type of rule and I can write life as it happens to me as I see it. I keep a record of the same things just in poetry and I like that just a couple of lines can hold so much meaning. This is the month of June in poetry, feel free to add on or write your own. 

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