forget me not | a poem or a song

14 September, 2020

Why are you a creator? Why you? Why now?

07 September, 2020

I have been asked to write a manifesto or artist's statement before and it gets harder every time. They want to know why I'm here, taking their class, taking time to do this. I don't have any sort of goals at the moment or idea of where I want to go, instead I just create things and I wait for them to take me places. In regards to art, they ask me: "why you? why now? why here? and what for?" These are the questions I am figuring out the answer for, but not just for me, for every creative I know.

"Ohhh...Alright..." by Roy Lichtenstein
"Ohhh...Alright..." by Roy Lichtenstein

folklore by taylor swift | my favorite lyrics + review

28 August, 2020

Taylor Swift is her own genre, the best artists are. She released folklore  unannounced last month, less than a year from her last album, and with story telling we have never seen from her before. Folklore has the gentle personality of her Red  album with the unfiltered honesty of Reputation. Although at my core I'm a fan of rock music, I've been a fan of hers since the very beginning and can say this album is one of her best and came at the perfect time.

I am in love with how wordy this album is. I've always loved Taylor's songwriting and her ability to tell stories and I think people often over look how talented she is. A lot of her pop songs are fun to listen to and have different plays on words but this record really shows her raw talent for writing that her fans have loved in Red  and what we saw in her way back when she wrote her debut album. Lyrics are the main reason I listen to music and folklore gave me all those words I cherish so much. As a writer/ poet/ artist, I'm so excited to have 16 more songs to pour over and find something new inside each time. 

8 Documentaries On Issues That Are Bigger Than Us

31 July, 2020

I've never wanted to reveal too much about my identity on this small corner of the internet, but there are a few things going on that have prompted me to speak up. I live in a part of the world where I'm not majorly impacted by the #blacklivesmatter movement or the #metoo movement or any of the other major events that we are witnessing in history right now, but my eyes are open enough to know that no place is exempt from racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc., etc., etc. I ask that everyone try to pay attention to social issues and speak up when you see injustice because it benefits all of us as human beings.

I talk about these issues in my personal life and just wanted to say that I'm choosing not to go into depth on it because this is not the place for that. This is a space to talk about feelings and art and heartbreak and growth and advice and random thoughts that pop up around midnight. This is an outlet so I don't really think it benefits the world for me to talk to my small audience (that I'm very grateful for) about the worst parts of humanity. I didn't want to write something about these issues out of guilt or something half-hearted to fit in with the other things I read online because it deserves more. I wanted to add a small list of things that I think have helped me become more educated on these issues and some resources that I think have really changed my perspective on things that are bigger than myself. 

the idea of being better keeps me awake

26 June, 2020

I wrote a few weeks ago (in this post) about how I'm desperately trying to be present and in a state of self awareness. I've felt stuck and like I can't really move forward through the haze and in a sense I'm trying to take a little step towards being more of my best self. Someday when I am that person I think I'll be in a better place mentally, physically, socially, psychologically, all of it.

This idea of my best self is really what drives me as a person and I'm still figuring out which pieces of my life right now, the things that I like and do, are going to stick around and prove to be core aspects of myself as a person. I think I have a hard time really accepting and giving my all to things like art, writing, music, etc., because I'm afraid they won't be in my life forever and therefore I shouldn't commit to them. I know I've been writing songs since I was a child but what if it is still just a phase? What if I'm distancing myself from things now so I have nothing to let go of later? Maybe I'm being a little too self aware. What I do know  is that I spend a lot of time consuming those same hobbies (art, music, film, books, etc.) and that inspires a large part of who I think I want to be in 10, 20, or 30 years, so maybe my whole idea of self is skewed. Maybe people are different than what I think they are.

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