Weakness Is A Part Of Who We Are

21 July, 2016

There's this incredibly small mold to fit into and if for some reason you do not fit, your entire life is ruined.

You need to get into college, and be responsible, and be good at keeping papers nice and neat, and be good at taking tests, and have exceptional organization skills, and make lots of friends, and have extracurricular activities, and volunteer in your spare time, and you also need to be an athlete and do sports, not to mention be great in arguments, and of course you have to read quickly and comprehend every word with ease and you have to do every single one of these things and more, or none of them at all.

I can't do all of those things. They seem like small tasks, things that everyone is expected to do, but when you lay everything out, end to end, it's an incredibly long list of things to know. My point is that everyone tells  you to "be different" or "follow your own path" or "be yourself," and it's all lies. When they tell you these things they mean that you need to be great at everything, but be exceptional in one particular area.

The thing I've painfully noticed however, is that being awful at things also sets you apart.

image of a picture book because studying is hard
Not being able to speak publicly, or being horrible at sports MAKES you different and it's okay if something "negative" is what makes you special. For most people, or maybe just me, you're incompetent in a wide variety of areas and just "good" in one particular area. Not exceptional, but just barely managing.

For example, for the life of me I CANNOT control paper. Once you give me a sheet of paper it will automatically have three tears and it's missing a corner. I will wrinkle it and most certainly lose it. This applies to everything because my of life seems to revolve around paper (i.e. applications, checks, resumes, flyers, etc). Need a parent signature on that form? Sorry, I've already lost it.

On the other hand sometimes I draw things, and I enjoy reading and seem to comprehend words moderately well. It is a combination of being awful and having skills that can make you unique, as opposed to specializing in a certain thing and it being your definitive feature. Humans make mistakes and it's a combination of your flaws and accomplishments that make you special, not just the latter.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, but I've just recently grasped the concept of fitting into a mold, and recently felt the pressure of needing to be great in every single category to be a decent person. I hate school and college for making me feel like when I am not doing absolutely everything then I am doing nothing. You don't have to be perfect nor do you have to wear yourself out trying to do everything. Being weak, slow, or having any other "undesired" trait is just as much you, and important, as your strengths.

Every part of you is important and "being different" is a waste of your time.


10 Future Worlds To Escape To 🚀

17 July, 2016

Good morning! Summer (or life in general) can sometimes be dull and books are always the best way escape. I know that there are many people who don't love books as much as me, but I'm confident that reading is the cure to everything. (Included will be links to the Good Reads page and official summary of each book.) From dystopias to the apocalypse, contrast to Earth, here are a few of my favorite books with universes or worlds that have all the adventure your world may not.

1. Partials by Dan Wells
  • Military robots created by humans have rebelled and taken over the Earth. The last (known) colony of humans are struggling to reproduce due to a virus that kill every human infant within a week. Desperate for a cure, humans might have to do the unthinkable, seek help from the monsters who destroyed the world, because they might be the only hope for a cure.
2. The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
  • Vampires are not for everyone but this book honestly had me on the edge of my seat. The main character (Gene) is a human trapped in a world of vampires where he spends everyday hiding from the monsters that could eat him at any second. His normal routine of disguising himself is disrupted when he's chosen to be apart of a once in a lifetime contest where chosen vampires are given the opportunity to hunt down humans (and Gene thought he was the only one left alive).
3. Stung by Bethany Wiggins
  • Words cannot describe my love for this story! Fiona wakes up in her own abandoned house with a mark on her arm that should turn her into a beast, yet it doesn't. Our world is divided between man and beast and Fiona is stuck in the middle. She wanders around her empty town looking for answers and runs into danger and mysterious friends. 
4. Starters by Lissa Price
  • In a world where everyone between 20 and 60 has died, a new industry has arisen and gives teenage Callie a new chance at life: a company that allows teenagers to rent their bodies. The only problem is that when Callie volunteers for the program the technology malfunctions and she's still inside her body. This book shows a lot about people who live lavishly and what happens when someone from the lower class is able to step in their shoes. (Not entirely unlike Annie but very much in the future.)
5. The Ward by Jordana Frankel
  • As someone who refuses to choose a favorite book, this is one of my favorites. The beginning is a bit confusing but I'll sum it up for you: In a future world where the ocean has risen to life-changing levels, Ren takes on a secret mission to find fresh water. At the same time, an secret disease is killing people and freshwater without pollution might hold the answer. (While you're done reading we can wait patiently together for the sequel.)
6. Hungry by H.A. Swain
  • A world where food doesn't exists (I think that says enough). To sum up this book, everyone takes vitamin supplements but Thalia has an inexplicable desire to eat food and discovers a mysterious boy who might be apart of an organization to bring it back.
7. A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
  • Parallel universes are personally my favorite to read about, as the possibilities are endless. In this book, Marguerite's parents have created a device that lets people travel to other dimensions. After her father is killed by a close family friend, her grief drives her to steal the device on a quest to find her dad's murderer, who also stole a device. 
8. Beta by Rachel Cohn
  • On a manufactured island created for the world's elite, this book is focused around Elysia, an artificial intelligence in the body of a 16 year old girl, whose should purpose is to serve the rich who live on the island. She is contempt with her life, as every clone is, until she begins to experience emotions that someone who was created without a soul should not. Elysia starts to see beneath the perfect world which she was created to exist in and asks questions that puts her in a dangerous position.
9. Reboot by Amy Tintera
  • Not quite a zombie, but still back from the dead and more powerful than ever. Wren died five years ago and was technically dead for 178 minutes, but the longer you're dead, the more powerful you become when you are revived and then owned by the government. She's fine with her life as a government solider until she has to train a reboot that's practically humans and begins to wonder if there's something the humans have that she's missing. 
  • The ability to control electricity seems to be an overlooked one, because along with wiping out the internet and turning off every light on the planet, beings from another planet were able to stop the electrical pulses in billions of humans hearts. An amazing small sum of humans were spared the day they took over the planet but everyone's lives are still under their control. A few teenagers are brought together under unusual circumstances and share a gift that might change everyone's lives once again. 

These book have always been some of my personal favorites and I only recommend them because I loved them. Enjoy! 


When Your Band is Overrun By Teenage Girls

05 July, 2016

After watching countless interviews of Fall Out Boy and similar bands (My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, etc.) I've noticed how it's always casually mentioned that their audience grows from a group of relatable close friends to hoards of screaming girls. They're embarrassed and it's funny because their audience should be grown men with the same problems and issues that grown men are facing but it never ends up that way. (See MCR's cover of desolation row.) What does it say about the fact that 16 year old girls are identifying with 25-35 year old men who sing about their mental health? I'm not talking specifically about boy bands, mostly I'm referring to the gaping hole of 'alternative' bands that I've fallen into.

[I do not own this image.]
"Hum Hallelujah," was the first Fall Out Boy song I really liked and that sparked my interest in the band. I heard that song and similar songs (i.e. the patron saint of liars and fakes, etc.) and I've been drawn to their inaudible lyrics and fast beats ever since. I can acknowledge this sounds funny coming from a teenage girl, though FOB is a fairly mainstream band. It's cliche, a 16 year old girl obsessing over something out of her reach, but it's fun nevertheless. Even if I don't always relate to the problems being sang about, I love to listen to the angst and emotion and I've come to love and look at music in a different way, even though the audience I'm apart of is never exactly taken seriously.

Teenage girls love harder than anyone else on the planet and fully commit to their current obsessions. My apologies to Fall Out Boy and The 1975 and any other band that consists of grown men making serious music, whose fan base has become a vast vortex of screaming teenage girls with badly dyed hair and wrinkled t-shirts. Those girls will stay up until 3A.M. making posters and bracelets and anything they can to show their dedication. Please don't be upset when this happens to your band, no one understands pain like a teenage girl.

Maybe it's the hormones, but we really love your music.

[I do not own this image.]


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