Weakness Is A Part Of Who We Are

21 July, 2016

There's this incredibly small mold to fit into and if for some reason you do not fit, your entire life is ruined.

You need to get into college, and be responsible, and be good at keeping papers nice and neat, and be good at taking tests, and have exceptional organization skills, and make lots of friends, and have extracurricular activities, and volunteer in your spare time, and you also need to be an athlete and do sports, not to mention be great in arguments, and of course you have to read quickly and comprehend every word with ease and you have to do every single one of these things and more, or none of them at all.

I can't do all of those things. They seem like small tasks, things that everyone is expected to do, but when you lay everything out, end to end, it's an incredibly long list of things to know. My point is that everyone tells  you to "be different" or "follow your own path" or "be yourself," and it's all lies. When they tell you these things they mean that you need to be great at everything, but be exceptional in one particular area.

The thing I've painfully noticed however, is that being awful at things also sets you apart.

image of a picture book because studying is hard
Not being able to speak publicly, or being horrible at sports MAKES you different and it's okay if something "negative" is what makes you special. For most people, or maybe just me, you're incompetent in a wide variety of areas and just "good" in one particular area. Not exceptional, but just barely managing.

For example, for the life of me I CANNOT control paper. Once you give me a sheet of paper it will automatically have three tears and it's missing a corner. I will wrinkle it and most certainly lose it. This applies to everything because my of life seems to revolve around paper (i.e. applications, checks, resumes, flyers, etc). Need a parent signature on that form? Sorry, I've already lost it.

On the other hand sometimes I draw things, and I enjoy reading and seem to comprehend words moderately well. It is a combination of being awful and having skills that can make you unique, as opposed to specializing in a certain thing and it being your definitive feature. Humans make mistakes and it's a combination of your flaws and accomplishments that make you special, not just the latter.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, but I've just recently grasped the concept of fitting into a mold, and recently felt the pressure of needing to be great in every single category to be a decent person. I hate school and college for making me feel like when I am not doing absolutely everything then I am doing nothing. You don't have to be perfect nor do you have to wear yourself out trying to do everything. Being weak, slow, or having any other "undesired" trait is just as much you, and important, as your strengths.

Every part of you is important and "being different" is a waste of your time.


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