When Your Band is Overrun By Teenage Girls

05 July, 2016

After watching countless interviews of Fall Out Boy and similar bands (My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, etc.) I've noticed how it's always casually mentioned that their audience grows from a group of relatable close friends to hoards of screaming girls. They're embarrassed and it's funny because their audience should be grown men with the same problems and issues that grown men are facing but it never ends up that way. (See MCR's cover of desolation row.) What does it say about the fact that 16 year old girls are identifying with 25-35 year old men who sing about their mental health? I'm not talking specifically about boy bands, mostly I'm referring to the gaping hole of 'alternative' bands that I've fallen into.

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"Hum Hallelujah," was the first Fall Out Boy song I really liked and that sparked my interest in the band. I heard that song and similar songs (i.e. the patron saint of liars and fakes, etc.) and I've been drawn to their inaudible lyrics and fast beats ever since. I can acknowledge this sounds funny coming from a teenage girl, though FOB is a fairly mainstream band. It's cliche, a 16 year old girl obsessing over something out of her reach, but it's fun nevertheless. Even if I don't always relate to the problems being sang about, I love to listen to the angst and emotion and I've come to love and look at music in a different way, even though the audience I'm apart of is never exactly taken seriously.

Teenage girls love harder than anyone else on the planet and fully commit to their current obsessions. My apologies to Fall Out Boy and The 1975 and any other band that consists of grown men making serious music, whose fan base has become a vast vortex of screaming teenage girls with badly dyed hair and wrinkled t-shirts. Those girls will stay up until 3A.M. making posters and bracelets and anything they can to show their dedication. Please don't be upset when this happens to your band, no one understands pain like a teenage girl.

Maybe it's the hormones, but we really love your music.

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