Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick 🐢

01 August, 2016


Synopsis: Nanette is given a book (The Bubblegum Reaper by Nigel Booker) that is no longer in print, but still circulates her mind and changes her life. She meets the author and new friends, and essentially learns to let go of what other people think of her and what she's supposed to do. It's a rebellious story of being different in every possible way and a story and I didn't know I needed.

With a million things coming down upon me this upcoming year, I can strongly say I feel the urge to quit. (But what does quitting really mean?)


Every Exquisite Thing is one of those weird books (like Placebo Junkies by J.C. Carleson or anything by A.S. King) where you're not entirely sure of the plot or where these characters are going, but you keep turning the pages and nothing has ever made more sense. It's a story about life and a girl going through her routine but everything feel off all of the sudden and she has to change it or she'll go mad. I want to say I identify with Nanette but it might be Unproductive Ted really inside me.

Matthew Quick just released this book and I'm always skeptical about books written by men that are about teenage girls, but this one made a lot of sense and I really enjoyed it. I needed this book and since reading it I feel like everything is off. It's hard to explain but if you feel different, lost, lonely, or stuck, I recommend Every Exquisite Thing.


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