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08 January, 2017

So far this year, I've heard a lot of people talk about how they are glad to have 2016 behind them. Personally, this year has not been a bad one for me and I don't think this year will be any better or worse than the last one. I can't say that life is what you make of it and a good attitude will fix everything, because that's not true. Things happen to people that are out of their control, but a year is just a year despite what the internet will tell you.

I've convinced myself that writing down things I want to do, will make them happen. I tell myself that maybe if I read about it enough, write about it enough, and think about it enough, I will motivate myself enough to change my life and be a better person. I think it's important to have goals that are attainable and that's what I've done here so hopefully you feel inspired or are able to do some of the same things I hope to!

    • Talk More/ Talk Less - I hope that next year I can learn to speak up when I need to be heard, and stop talking when my words do more harm than good.

    • Say Thank You to Strangers - To anyone who has ever held a door for me: thank you, and I am sorry I have not said that enough. 

    • Complete Projects on Time - I . .  don't have a solid . . .  plan . . .  for figuring out how to do this . .. . but. . ..  it will come to me.

    • Paint More - I miss painting and will put in more effort to do so this year.

    • Turn in my library books on time - I owe the state so much money.

    • Exercise (or try to)

    • Not eat less carbs, but eat more of things that are not carbs

    • Get more sleep

    • Spend less time on social media - It doesn't mean as much to me as I think it does.

    • Make my own decisions

    • Care less about things that don't matter - Like . . . how people think of me.

    • Walk my dog more often

    • Stare back at strangers who stare at me in public

    • Dye my hair and cut it

    • Eat More Cookies - because I love them yet never indulge. 


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