Life Lately 📴

21 January, 2017

ripped stockings
dirty shoe laces
changing the radio station in search of something new?
feeling like I'm on the outside looking in
Drink water Drink water Drink water
listening to the same song for three hours
feeling like all of my art suddenly isn't good enough,
not wanting to show it to teachers
learning about velocity and finding a new meaning in my blog
I wish I had more t-shirts
I feel like everyone is trying too hard to be something
I just feel awkward
Always Awkward
chicken noodle soup

wish I had played volleyball
Never wanting to explain myself ever
putting a lot of effort into avoiding strangers
feeling disconnected from my friends, why don't they invite me out?
Everyday I try to take a step forward but sometimes things happen,
and it feels like four steps backward
Looking for ways to control my hair, my face,
Looking for ways to exercise, eat healthy,
washing my hands X3
I felt so busy yesterday and today I feel so empty
Sometimes I hurt my friends with my words because I don't know how to tell
them I miss them even though I've never even left, and I regret it.


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