A Rainy Day Playlist 💦

20 March, 2017

How anyone can love the rain, I'll never know. I enjoy warm soup and a good book on a rainy day, but I'll always prefer the sunshine. Something about the rain pulls down on my entire soul, and here are the dramatic songs to accompany anyone else affected in the same way.


Early Sunsets Over Monroeville by My Chemical Romance
"Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes . . ."

Meant To Live by Switchfoot
"Maybe we've been living with our eyes half open"

Screen by Twenty One Pilots
"Excuse us while we sing to the sky"

Remembering Sunday by All Time Low
"From so many thousands of feet off the ground, I'm over you now"

Oh Ms Believer by Twenty One Pilots
"Your shaking shoulders prove that it's colder
inside your head, than a winter of dead"

Slow Dance On The Inside by Taking Back Sunday
"This glass house is burning down, 
you light the match, I'll stick around"

The Quiet Thing That No One Ever Knows by Brand New
"Wasting words on lower cases and capitals"

Created by yours truly to combine the rush of rock & roll with the drag of a rainy day.


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