Listen To These Songs Written By Girls!

24 July, 2018

I have a bad habit of doing the same things over and over again without trying what's new. The same goes for my music taste and I've found that there are way too many under appreciated artists for me to pigeon-hole myself into a single category. About 90% of the music I listen to is made by male artists and 2018 is the year that I broaden my horizons and listen to all kinds of music, written by all kinds of people.

Eating Candy & Watching FRIENDS in Bed at 3pm

18 July, 2018

Every year you tell yourself that you crave this type of time. You say you are too stressed out and oh what you wouldn't give for some free time to just sit around and do nothing. You need a vacation and time to reflect and grow. You tell yourself that this what you like to do . . .  nothing.

There's something about sitting around and letting the day take you where it wants to that you absolutely love and you tell yourself that you are content with reading for twelve hours or drawing for twelve hours or essentially being on your phone for . . . twelves hours. But you're not. You want so much more with your life.

It's Worth Fighting For.

08 July, 2018

Being a studio artist or writer (or whatever it is I'm trying to do here) is NOT a rewarding career- only slightly more so than that of an actor, dancer, or musician. I have always been told that even though people love those things, and I wanted them more than anything, they are not worth fighting for. They will not support you and because you do not have the talent for them, they will not love you back.

This however, is not my painfully slow autobiography of how I became a famous dancer or actor, but instead a little bit of me realizing that all art is worth fighting for if you can't shake the idea from your head.

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