Listen To These Songs Written By Girls!

24 July, 2018

I have a bad habit of doing the same things over and over again without trying what's new. The same goes for my music taste and I've found that there are way too many under appreciated artists for me to pigeon-hole myself into a single category. About 90% of the music I listen to is made by male artists and 2018 is the year that I broaden my horizons and listen to all kinds of music, written by all kinds of people.

Sometimes people divide music into two categories such as a "rock" and "girl rock", which is sort of a way for people to downplay music made by women, in a world where music made by men should not be the standard. Of course you should only listen to the types of things that you love, but most don't know what they love until they hear it, so it's important to try everything.

These are some recent, underated pop / rock/ punk / grunge / soft indie / alternative songs that give me goosebumps . . . written by female artists and you need to listen to them RIGHT NOW!!

Music of all types are important but if you find yourself looking for something new, these songs are top notch. Do you enjoy this type of music? Should I make more playlists? Let me know and give these artists some love!


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  1. I should also listen to more woman-fronted bands. So many well known rock bands are all men. I haven't listened to the full playlist yet, but I'm enjoying the first few songs!

  2. I'm glad you like them! They're just a few of my favorites at the moment ♡

  3. Wow. Can I just say how much I love your blog?? Like, keep doing what you're doing because you are amazing. Also; thank you for this!!! I don't listen to female artists enough and everyone needs the recognition they deserve. <3 Plus, I'm always looking for new recs! :)

    I hope you are having a lovely day!

    xx Kenzie |

  4. THANK YOU, that means a lot because I love your blog too!! Also love making too many playlists haha, glad you like it! ♡


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