8 Spoken Word Poems That Will Inspire You To Create & Heal & Change

22 August, 2018

I went through a phase where I watched a lot of spoken word poetry and it made me feel significantly less alone. I know how awkward poetry can be and that the stigma is that poets are arrogant and over dramatic (dare I say cliché?), but just watch a couple of these short videos, and I promise they'll inspire you and have you feeling some type of way. I feel more artsy just posting the links, because I know these people have experienced real things and they express them in ways that most of us just can't get out. Maybe some of these are too much, maybe they're just enough.

For some reason, these poems instantly transport me to a small apartment in New York and I can feel the raw emotion, you know? Someone has to talk about social issues, mental illness, and the ups and downs of being in love. Someone has to make a place for the tortured souls. Get in touch with your beret wearing, late-night-poetry-lounge side and have a good cry . .  or good laugh depending on which poems you choose.

All Of The People I Could Have Been

16 August, 2018

Perhaps this is the most Capricorn thing I've ever written, but I think a lot about having a profession that I've fallen in love with. Working somewhere that I have a hard time leaving, and doing meaningful work that takes me everywhere I want to be. I never want to look at a clock and count down the minutes until I can leave; I never want to not want to be somewhere.

This keeps me up at night, the idea that I could have been so many other different people, that maybe I still can. All of us could really just wake up one day and quit our jobs, cut our hair, and be someone else at anytime. I always foresee 50 year old me drinking coffee in my office at home for some reason, with a lot of dogs, and doing what I love.

when you’re not who you thought you were

11 August, 2018

 I have some ideas floating around in my head, but no real sense of direction, no one to really tell me where to go. Nothing feels like a phase, the way that phases should. Makes me wonder if it will always be like this. I can't really ever tell, and of course it's ridiculous to think that your life will stay one way forever, I know that. But there's no sure-fire-way to tell that it won't right? Maybe I'll always be this way: scattered in a million different directions. Maybe this is just growing up.

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