Always & Forever Lara Jean · Book Review ๐Ÿ’Œ (Spoiler Free!)

02 August, 2018

Okay, I realize this book has been out for a while and it's a little weird to write about the third book in a series and not the first two, because if you've already read them then I can hardly convince you to read this one, you're just going to do it! If you haven't read them then maybe I can convince you with this incredibly aesthetically pleasing book. I love these books and I want to spill my thoughts and make a special place for at least part of them here.

Lara Jean Song Covey has to come face to face with the fact that she's growing up and graduation comes with even more than she hoped. It's also about dealing with change and bringing your favorite things with you. It's about letting people go.

    "The distance came slowly, like seawater filling up a boat, without us even realizing it. Before you know it, you're underwater." - Lara Jean (page 277.)

Always and Forever makes me feel so good about my life and so jealous of Lara Jean. It makes me want to enjoy the little things, like pastries in my kitchen or new stationary. It's such a nice, light summer read when you want to take your mind off things and get into some one else's life. I nearly read the entire book in a single sitting at the beach.

However, the whole time I read the book I was incredibly jealous of her support system and amazing life! Lara Jean is a senior in high school who lives with her dad and is incredibly close to her two sisters. She gets involved with some light high school drama but her amazing boyfriend Peter K. is always there to make her feel better. Lara Jean stress bakes and if that's not a reason to love her I don't know what is.

Lara Jean can't stop thinking about if she'll get into UVA, her dream college, and the rest of her senior year plans. I loved that she does randoms things with Chris and that her and Peter lounge around the house in face masks. Thank you Jenny Han for giving the world Peter Kavinsky because the world needs more boys like him!

My favorite type of book is the type that's hard to explain to other people. The summary on the inside sleeve never does it justice. There's not really an easy to lay out plot and you read this book the way that life actually happens, with a million different stories inside of one. The best kind.

"I'm a person who saves things. I'll hold on forever." - Lara Jean (page 310.)

I love Jenny Han's details about chocolate chip cookies, lavender lights, and Pocky sticks. I love the constant, subtle inclusion of Asian culture and Virginia charm. I want to create an infinite amount of mood-boards to remember the perfect aesthetic of this series and all it's quirks. I felt every moment of the bittersweet nostalgia Lara Jean felt as her high school days ended, and I loved living vicariously through her.

If you've read the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series or really really want to, leave a comment below and let's talk! I am SO looking forward to the Netflix adaption and will probably review that too. ;-)

For now, I'll leave you with Stormy's words to live by . . .

"Never say now when you really want to say yes." - Stormy McClaren (page 205)


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  1. I remember reading Jenny's books years back!! Ah I miss it. This book sounds great!

  2. It's really great and just as good as the first two! ♡


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