Why Yoga Saved My Life

31 August, 2018

When I say that yoga saved my life I mean that it encourages me to live a better one. I mean that it makes me feel productive and energized without the cost of my sanity. Have I become one of those crazy-hippies who do yoga on the beach, don't wear shoes, and eats only organic vegetables? . . . Maybe.

We all need a little more balance in our lives. We need more movement, more stillness, more freedom. Yoga is learning to control your body and take care of it at the same time. It's moving with power and strength and kindness. Everything you can do is enough, you don't have to hurt to achieve a goal, and sometimes you just need to sit on the floor and let your mind go soft. It's all about self care and it's all so very very refreshing- which is why I encourage you to do the same.

it brightens my mood
  • Toned muscles and good posture aside, I get out of yoga these amazing movements that remind me that I'm alive. That everyone has these complex bodies which need to bend. It's important to feel the blood move through your body and to push yourself to do new things. It was probably Dan Howells video about depression that finally made me realize that everyone really needs exercise and moving in a different way is so good for your mental health. I've ALWAYS hated sports and working out but once you start it gets harder to stop, and that feeling of accomplishment once you've finished something like this that only benefits yourself is a different kind of high. Yoga is really a unique type of strength training. It's kind of a gateway exercise, if you will. 

encourages self care
  • One of the downsides to the internet and Youtube and working out, at least for me, is that it is constant reason to compare myself to others and feel less than. Yoga is one of the few things that encourages me to do the very opposite. It is constant positive reinforcement to do what feels good for myself and do the absolute best I can, whatever and whenever that may be. Little reminders like "relax your shoulders" and "do what you can" just sort of reminds me to be more gentle.

keeps my mind and body healthy
  • It DEFINITELY make me want to live a better life. I want to go a little bit longer each time because I don't want to break my so called "healthy streak". I can't believe I'm talking about encouraging exercise right now but it honestly gives you so much energy once you get into the mood and a good routine. As you get it older it's really something to you need to make the time to do and it's better to start now rather than later. 

yoga helps me sleep
  • I'm too forgetful to do those good morning and night yoga routines but the regular kind is enough sometimes. I can remember to stretch out my body which is good for sleep, and releasing more energy throughout the day makes it easier to sleep once you finally hit the pillow.

reminds me to relax & release tension & breathe
  • BREATHING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Hear me out: do you know how much your life can be made easier when you're breathing deeply and mindfully once a day?? Holding a pose is SO much easier when you breathe and you focus your mind. I used to think that exercising was about being able to tolerate pain and eating boring food until you grow giant muscles, but sometimes holding a pose for two minutes at a time is just enough. Sometimes you just need to breathe in and out to help your body refocus. I used to think that every breathe was the same, that it doesn't matter how you breathe when you're head is not is the right space, but sometimes your mind has to follow your body . . . not the other way around. I KNOW how hippie is it to encourage meditation and yoga and deep breathing, but nervousness has a cure. You just have to want to get the help you need and you have to want to relax. I recommend that everybody try to reconnect more with where their mind is often wandering and where you actually want it go.

surprisingly helps me keep to a schedule
  • Yoga is something I had to make time for and it's something I tend to plan my day around. When I want to keep up with a 30 day yoga program or just a routine, and I think about my day as more a of a whole. It puts things in perspective where I'm more inspired to take advantage of my time and make the best of it. Finally I have more good reasons to set goals and finally follow through with them because I can see actual results!! I can move in ways that I didn't used to before and find excitement everyday in these new discoveries about MYSELF. 

it is time I make for myself
  • And lastly, I consider yoga to be a bit of self care. What I get out of yoga is exactly what I put into yoga. It's the kind that my inner control freak can schedule and not feel guilty about. You can be totally in the moment and not worry about everything else you have to do that day when you dedicate time to just do so.

Someday when I'm strong enough and comfortable enough, I'll join a real class. Most of the time I roll out my mat, put on Yoga With Adriene, and downward dog right from my living room. Sometimes it's just stretching for 5 minutes, a 30 minute workout, or a full hour of connecting with my inner yogi.

I never thought I'd be this type of person but I'm glad I am. Trying to make it a regular thing, about every other day for a full session, but also little stretches throughout the day to just get my blood pumping. In case you haven't been paying attention to any of this: I really recommend it!!


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  1. I LOVE YOGA WITH ADRIENE! Also, this post is making me want to do some yoga right now. I adore your passions for it. I can tell you really enjoy it. I am happy you found something that is so beneficial to your life.
    Simply Me

  2. TY TY! I don't know what I'd do without it haha :)


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