7 Albums That Make Me Feel Human

20 September, 2018

Surprise! Music makes people feel lots of things! Music helps and calms and excites and inspires! I love it a lot! The more I think about it, the better I feel! Music reminds me that I'm alive, it makes me feel like nothing else.

As of September 2018, these are my favorite albums- not just bits and pieces of random artists who have 3 good songs. Every single song on these albums are an 11 out of 10, which is why this isn't just another playlist. The reason these records remind me that it's good to be alive is because they all have a wide variety of songs, from slow and dismal to upbeat and hopeful. They cover every different aspect of life and I keep coming back to them.

Image result for melodrama lorde1| melodrama - lorde (2017)

The first song I heard from this album was "Writer In The Dark" and it's angelic! Melodrama isn't like Lorde's previous music, it feels so much more expressive and real. This album is so moody and rich, it's a great reminder of the soft parts of life.

2| danger days - my chemical romance (2011)

Image result for danger daysI talk about My Chemical Romance all the time because the band is over but their music always comes back to me. It really gets pigeonholed into a small genre because a lot of recognizable emo stems from it, but they really were an entire different category of alternative/rock opera. Danger Days is the perfect collection of summer rock, of a call to action to change the whole world and start with changing yourself. I have never heard anything like this album, nothing comes to close to any of the songs on here. They're so full of life and make you want to drive with all the windows down and sing loud!!

Image result for speak now3| speak now - taylor swift (2010)

Given, every single Taylor Swift song ever written is good for many different reasons, I've been in a very "speak now" mood. This is Taylor's third album and I find it to be so calming and whimsical. Everyone knows exactly what it's like to feel haunted and enchanted at the same time, which is what this album embodies perfectly.

4| paramore [the self-titled album] (2013)
Image result for paramore self titled

This album is so underrated and when I listened to it in the car recently, I noticed how incredibly diverse it is. There are a lot of different styles of music, all the best of Paramore. It includes not only "Ain't It Fun" and "Still into you", but also "Now", "Fast In My Car", "One of those crazy girls"- some of their best songs! Every single one is so electrifying, I can't give Paramore enough praise for managing to change their sound so much and still being true to themselves.

Image result for vessel twenty one pilots5| vessel - twenty one pilots (2013)

Vessel is really a classic and definitive of what I think is Twenty One Pilots' "sound". "Fake You Out" and "Migraine" are some of my favorite songs of all time. The best part about this album is that the first five tracks have a lot of fast rap verse and then the rest of tracks fade into this still upbeat, light hearted melodies that have really great transitions! I like to listen to these songs in the morning and also love the ridiculous range of sound.

6| no closer to heaven - the wonder years (2015)
Image result for no closer to heaven twy
As a whole, no closer to heaven is really a sad album. I think it's the most "polished" of The Wonder Years' albums and are songs with really heavy meanings. I like this band a lot because I know they have a very specific message and each song comes from specific real life experiences that are random but some how work together to just convey scenes from every day life. I love songs that don't always rhyme but seem cohesive and I love how much this album is. "Cardinals", "Cigarettes & Saints",
and "Stained Glass Ceilings" are the songs that I would recommend the most.

Image result for fight the good fight the interrupters
7| fight the good fight - the interrupters (2018)

This album just came out and it really defines the band. Their single "She's Kerosene" is their most popular song and it's an upbeat one. This whole album is what you put on while you clean your house so that you can dance like no one's watching (it's not just me is it?). It's very spunky and something I think everyone can get into.

 Being human is really a collective of experiences that differ from every single other person, and I feel like these records enhance my experience. They introduce new ideas and new emotions that I might not have looked at in the same way had I not heard them. They are all encompassing and every type of perfect.


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  1. Oh my god, I am in love with this post and your taste in music! SO MANY great albums on this - love TOP, Paramore, Lorde and MCR! I'd say The Killers Hot Fuss and ... well, any of Panic! At The Disco's albums are "I'll happily listen to this all the way through". Great post! <3

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

  2. Thank you!! Definitely going to listen to The Killers more + omg I love your blog! ♡♡

  3. I love the song aint it fun by paramore!! Its in my spotify playlists lol
    and ahh MCR brings back so many memories from high school haha
    Thanks for sharing <3

  4. I adore Paramore so much haha, thank you for reading! ♡♡


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