Being Pretty Does Not Equal Being Small (a poem)

14 September, 2018

I could never convince you                                 you can’t remember
that you've always                                              a life before me,
been enough.                                                     with skies that turned purple
as if you were just a body,                                  but the wrong happiness,
not a soul,                                                           when there was hope in your eyes
gentle and tough.                                                and a light in your chest.

I keep hearing stories about Icarus,
And how he fell from the sky,
I wish you had known that
there were ways to escape the stares,
and destroy all that passes you by.

did you forget that you’ve given
all that you can give?
sometimes I think you know
from rock bottom
there are only the stars,
and that's the reason
why you dig.
I’ve been trying to remind you
there’s a such thing as being too small
the mirror is not your friend,
it is not everything,

I remember when you told me
all you needed was to lose the weight.
you don't know about the future,
you don't know if it will ever be okay.

it's what happens when you lose a battle, you were drafted into.
even though you'll never be them, you know you'll always want to.
I know how hard you’re trying to let some light shine through,
I know how wrong it is to miss something that’s hurt you.

oh, pretty people have it too easy
they’ve never felt the same shaking palms
they don't know when the day ends,
it is something that calms.

if you lift and you carry
this burden with you
your life will never be simple,
life will never be fair.
falling is like catching,
You go back to the start,
what you have isn't lonely,
just the absence of heart.


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