Trench Album Review + (track by track) lyric analysis

20 October, 2018

Trench came out ├śctober 5th and I wanted to wait a bit before I reviewed it so I could really get to know these songs. I really like this album and have been hesitant to write/post about it because I want to make it perfect.I don't think I'll ever fully understand them but for now I have a lot of thoughts about it and would like to discuss!

When an album comes out from one of my favorite artists, I like to dedicate some time (or a whole day lol) to sit down and listen to it. I listen to the whole album uninterrupted a couple times to get a feel for the instruments and melodies. Then I listen to it again while reading the lyrics so I can understand the words and messages. I think this way I can truly get a first impression and my unedited thoughts without other people telling me what to think at first.

That being said, I've currently heard the album many times and have gone through lyrics and fan theories and everything, and hand picked my favorite lines from each song, my interpretation, and how the songs make me feel. All my many thoughts about Twenty ├śne Pilots in one place, there's no above or under or around it.

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