putting on a face | a poem

16 December, 2019

song lyrics that speak to me

22 November, 2019

These are just a few of my favorite lyrics from some of my favorite songs. I have a ton of lists on my phone including captions, quotes, and lyrics. There are also a million songs that have amazing lyrics that I haven't listed but nevertheless mean a lot to me.

What makes a song lyric special is either the way that the lyric is sung or the thoughtful word choice. There are songs that have terrible lyrics but still sound amazing because of the way that they sound, and on the other hand there are songs that center around the lyrics and are a type of poetry. I've noticed that I am really a person that is drawn to words and I have to notice what is being said in order to enjoy what is otherwise supposed to be just music, and when I find something really great I have to keep it my pocket or post it on my blog. Enjoy.

Art Q&A: where I am right now

28 October, 2019

If I were someone else and I were looking at my art, these are the questions I would ask. Or the questions that I think I have an answer to right now. I also think this will be nice to self-reflect on this in the future and see how my ideas change or stay the same.

I'm writing a manifesto of sorts, the artist's statement I am hesitant to turn into my teachers.  Questions and answers to myself, from myself.  And a few visuals of pieces I've been working on for way too long. Here you go.

ode to yellow | a poem

13 October, 2019

 (a little bit inspired by olivia gatwood's ode to pink)

are you doing what you're told?

30 September, 2019

Throughout my day I often think about what motivates me to do the things I do and why. I also find that people are always telling me that other people are telling me what to do, and there's a lot to sort through in all the messages we are getting everyday. I'm trying to find out who I'm really listening to and if this person is or ever can just be me.

And sometimes I stop in my tracks and think: "why am I doing something that takes much more effort than what I actually want to do, just because I think other people want me to do it?" An easy example is walking along the sidewalk when it would be much faster just to cut through the grass to get where I want to go. I sacrifice my time and my energy to follow what some perceived audience would want me to do and it's gotten me nowhere. From small things like walking to class and big things like choosing a career. Why do we make decisions like this and how do we make them better?

24 of The Best Artists on Instagram

17 September, 2019

This is a post I should have done a long time ago because of how much time I spend looking at other people's art online. It started out small but now I follow about 300 people on instagram and most of them are writers or artists that I adore. Pinterest is a great source for art inspiration but Instagram especially is full of so many different people creating things that I had no idea even existed.

You don't have to be an artist to appreciate art and this a great list of people who work hard to everyday to create art and can also brighten up your feed in the process! It has really opened my eyes to all of the possibilities out there and also helped me find what styles + techniques that I like best among so many other great tips. None of these images after the first one belong to me but I have listed a few examples of my favorite pieces from each account and also linked each artist to their username. Let me know if you have already seen some of these accounts or if there are new ones that you decide to follow!

a love letter to summertime

14 August, 2019

I stopped writing for a couple of months because I was feeling particularly uninspired and summer was what I needed to realign myself and focus again on doing the things that I really want to do. So I'm back with a lot of photography, some dreamy poetry, and a short piece about why summer has always been my favorite time of year. I've also just watched 500 Days of Summer and realize how much my last post "unbalanced love" was me predicting what that movie was going to be about before I even watched it. It changed me a little bit and I'm trying to be less of a hopeless romantic and more of a . . slightly more realistic . . . romantic. Let's go with that.

unbalanced love

16 July, 2019

Many people consider there to be more than one type of love. Love we have for friends or family, love that is romantic, love that we have for ourselves. When we love, we do so recklessly because we cannot help the way that we love. It is the fire that burns forever and fuels us. Sometimes you love people because they love you back and sometimes you love people because you know they cannot love you back. Sometimes it is unbalanced and sometimes this balance is what gets you up in the morning. I'm holding onto it anyway and trying to find my way through.

June In Poetry

08 July, 2019

As often as I journal, I write poetry. Usually it is a collection of my thoughts from journaling that I just turn into rhymes and verse, but it makes me feel really free. I don't follow too much structure or follow any type of rule and I can write life as it happens to me as I see it. I keep a record of the same things just in poetry and I like that just a couple of lines can hold so much meaning. This is the month of June in poetry, feel free to add on or write your own. 

12 Ways To Bring More Art Into Your Life

28 May, 2019

Art! Is! Everywhere!  It's your clothes, your shoes, in the websites you visit, the advertisements you see. It's on TV, on food packaging, books, the house you live in, and your mother's garden. Art is everywhere and we need it to survive. I think a lot of people take for granted how often they use their right-brain everyday and the way that it impacts our lives.

Any form of self expression is art and I want people to know how to use it to make their lives better. It's a useful skill for every person in that way that it allows us to be individuals without necessarily having to share it and prove something. It also can be a personal thing that you use to just free your mind and take more control in your life. Since it is summer, this a bit of inspiration for the upcoming warmer months and things to do when you are looking for more creativity. Here are 12 ways to bring more art into your life and take a step back without taking a step away.

a short list of things I think will make me happy if I buy them

27 April, 2019

We buy a lot of things that we don't need everyday and collectively I think it's a bit of a problem that we have so much stuff. I am constantly trying to turn over a new leaf and just be a better person and too often this involves thinking that I need to buy new things to make that happen. This post is a little bit about the myth that new things will make you happier and that participating in capitalism is the only way to achieve what you want. I'm also not going too much into detail but I know everyone often does things without considering the consequences and even when we do it's hard to break away from the cycle so this is me trying to distance myself from that a little bit.

I'm encouraging you to look at your spending habits and maybe some things you have but don't need. Think about what you hoped those things would do for your life and how you can maybe change without them or with what you already have. Will it make you happier?

a playlist for april

06 April, 2019

where art lives / there is art in everything

14 March, 2019

There is an art in the stagnant things like Christmas lights turned on top of a closed book on a shelf. In silverware and china plates, air conditioning and cracks in the sidewalk. Coat hangers. Candles. Magnets and cloud formations. The number of people getting coffee in this morning and the amount of time it took you to count them. The shape of ice. There is are in all these magical mundane things that are somehow man-made and perfectly eclectic at the same time.

February in Poetry

03 March, 2019

February is the shortest month of the year but definitely not the shortest entry in my diary. A lot of the time I journal but on top of that I have a little collection of those same thoughts except in verse. Basically I condense an entry into a poem and keep a separate record of my life-  in poetry. Sometimes they rhyme and I call them songs but sometimes they are just fleeting thoughts I want to remember. Usually they are inspired by things around me or other songs I hear but they are still poetry to me and February is always a good month to write.

Most days I write down these little lines that come to me or short four line poems that describe my life at the moment so it is sort of like a journal but not quite. They really don't make sense but in general I've been liking my work from this month so this a bit of a monthly wrap-up in verse. Maybe someday I'll expand on them but for now here is just a bit of ideas. There are ups and downs to life just like there are in writing but I encourage everyone to exercise that muscle!

On Creating Your Own Meaning

21 February, 2019

In one of my classes we talk endlessly about metaphors and the way that artists create pieces with meaning that sometimes people cannot see. How we can look at a photo of an empty bed and make a connection about love or loneliness even though all we see is an empty bed. It's our culture that has trained us to make these associations and to know that gifting flowers is a sign of love, and we've been conditioned to find meaning in these things that don't inherently have any, so what does that mean for us?

Why We Only Post About The Good Things Online

26 January, 2019

I believe there is value in the things you keep for yourself. In the pictures we don't post and the stories we don't write down.

People like to talk about how much of our generation lives on the Internet and the ways we confuse what's real and what's not but I think there is so much more to that discussion than just our desire to see the best from other people. I know that we want to show everyone the best parts of ourselves and get recognition for that, prove that we belong here and get the validation we deserve before we can continue, but that doesn't mean we are hiding what we don't show.

Favorite Memories From 2018 & Resolutions for 2019 ✧・゚:*

12 January, 2019

My previous post about the new year mentions some goals that I think are really helpful in keeping my life together. They are more of overall ideas and concepts to guide goal making and now I'm going to go into my favorite memories and My Official Resolutions. This post is more specific and about my personal life goals and how I'm taking those large ideals and putting them into action!

So in 2019 we're going to be more honest and more open. I wanted to write a bit about who I want to be and how I feel and just my life right now because I'm always hesitant to write about it while it's happening (haha not really) and I'm going to be like . . . really real. I am always going to try to do better so thank you for listening. 

19 Resolutions You Should Set For Yourself This New Year

02 January, 2019

The best part about New Year's is how inspired everyone is to make resolutions to have a remarkable life all the really good jokes about it not turning out the way you expected it. I like that as a society we get together at the end of the year and both reminisce about the past and look forward to the future. It's one of the really, really good things about us.

So, when you get in that New-Year-New-Me mood, plan with these things in mind. This list is to get you on track and think about what you really want out of life as whole, before you plan the little details. Think about why you want to change your body before you go to the gym and the type of people you want to surround yourself with before you jump into saying yes to plans. When you're getting off from your holiday break, think about these things when you're goal setting and planning again for the new year. Remind yourself that every single day is an opportunity to start new.

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