Why We Only Post About The Good Things Online

26 January, 2019

I believe there is value in the things you keep for yourself. In the pictures we don't post and the stories we don't write down.

People like to talk about how much of our generation lives on the Internet and the ways we confuse what's real and what's not but I think there is so much more to that discussion than just our desire to see the best from other people. I know that we want to show everyone the best parts of ourselves and get recognition for that, prove that we belong here and get the validation we deserve before we can continue, but that doesn't mean we are hiding what we don't show.

Favorite Memories From 2018 & Resolutions for 2019 ✧・゚:*

12 January, 2019

My previous post about the new year mentions some goals that I think are really helpful in keeping my life together. They are more of overall ideas and concepts to guide goal making and now I'm going to go into my favorite memories and My Official Resolutions. This post is more specific and about my personal life goals and how I'm taking those large ideals and putting them into action!

So in 2019 we're going to be more honest and more open. I wanted to write a bit about who I want to be and how I feel and just my life right now because I'm always hesitant to write about it while it's happening (haha not really) and I'm going to be like . . . really real. I am always going to try to do better so thank you for listening. 

19 Resolutions You Should Set For Yourself This New Year

02 January, 2019

The best part about New Year's is how inspired everyone is to make resolutions to have a remarkable life all the really good jokes about it not turning out the way you expected it. I like that as a society we get together at the end of the year and both reminisce about the past and look forward to the future. It's one of the really, really good things about us.

So, when you get in that New-Year-New-Me mood, plan with these things in mind. This list is to get you on track and think about what you really want out of life as whole, before you plan the little details. Think about why you want to change your body before you go to the gym and the type of people you want to surround yourself with before you jump into saying yes to plans. When you're getting off from your holiday break, think about these things when you're goal setting and planning again for the new year. Remind yourself that every single day is an opportunity to start new.

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