Favorite Memories From 2018 & Resolutions for 2019 ✧・゚:*

12 January, 2019

My previous post about the new year mentions some goals that I think are really helpful in keeping my life together. They are more of overall ideas and concepts to guide goal making and now I'm going to go into my favorite memories and My Official Resolutions. This post is more specific and about my personal life goals and how I'm taking those large ideals and putting them into action!

So in 2019 we're going to be more honest and more open. I wanted to write a bit about who I want to be and how I feel and just my life right now because I'm always hesitant to write about it while it's happening (haha not really) and I'm going to be like . . . really real. I am always going to try to do better so thank you for listening. 

a few favorite memories from this year: 

going to local soccer games
pouring plaster in my art class
seeing paramore in concert
getting a 98 on my art history exam
listening to trench
vic fuentes from pierce the veil liking my picture on instagram
jenna mcdougall from tonight alive liking my picture
seeing taylor swift in concert
buying a guitar
going to art museums
going to a drive-in movie theater
long beach days

2018 goals - how did I do?

I unofficially made some goals last so let's see how those went!
    • make new friends 
    • to support more female artists  --yes I listened to so much new music this year!
    • develop my style and wear clothes that I love 
    • to tell more people how I feel  (lol)
    • try about two new vegetables 
    • live in the moment/complain less 
    • buy tickets to another concert ✓ 
    • tell other people that I love their art when I love it!!! 
    • change my blog theme 
    • take a women's studies class 
    • cut my hair! and dye it! a fun color! 
    • learn how to cook one thing (gotta start somewhere) 

2019 goals - it's gonna be a good year.

    • learn to cook an actual meal that is good for me 
    • go to more concerts.
    • start reading more! (be more specific) okay I'm going to read one book every couple of weeks-- at least.
    • I would like to draw or write something every day even if it is just a little bit. Often when I try to do this I always feel like I don't have enough ideas or good enough ideas that are worth writing down or drawing but I'm going to think of them more as practice so I can just try to be better.
    • make new friends!
    • straight straight A's :)
    • learn a few more songs on the gutair
    • keep diversifying my music taste
    • more time outdoors
    • everything else I wrote about here 

A big issue with New Year's goals is that people write them down and then immediately forget about them but not this year! I'm trying to take things less seriously and I'm just going to do what feels right because life is short and there are bigger problems than shoes and homework.

Also thinking about tweaking my blog design just a little bit for the new year.  Just trying to be myself.

Stay tuned.


P.S. I recently changed my blog name just a little bit from "The Velocity of Art" to "The Velocity of Heart" because it's been on my mind for a little bit and I think it's better. Thanks!

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  1. Goodness, I love your blog! That is so cool that you got to see Paramore. I bet they were awesome! :) <3 These are great goals for the future; I especially resonate with the idea of wanting to create something small each day. You're totally right, even if it feels like you're just practicing, it's still so lovely to spend time creating things. Loving your posts! Hope your 2019 has been great so far. I dig the blog name change. :)

  2. OMG I've always been obsessed with Paramore. Creating something small everyday is going to be one of my really big goals this year and I hope it sticks! You are so kind and I love your blog, thank you thank you thank you! ♡

  3. omfg, sorry for such late comments :/

    I saw how that happened and I was so shocked! Congrats on getting vic's attention lol. Your art is amazing!!

    Congrats on your accomplishments last year. I'm sure your 2019 will be great and you will succeed with getting straight A's. Don't stress too much :)

    — Kiki | soyvirgo.com

  4. I love the late comments lol + thank you! Have a good 2019!! ♡


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