Why We Only Post About The Good Things Online

26 January, 2019

I believe there is value in the things you keep for yourself. In the pictures we don't post and the stories we don't write down.

People like to talk about how much of our generation lives on the Internet and the ways we confuse what's real and what's not but I think there is so much more to that discussion than just our desire to see the best from other people. I know that we want to show everyone the best parts of ourselves and get recognition for that, prove that we belong here and get the validation we deserve before we can continue, but that doesn't mean we are hiding what we don't show.

 Some people say that we are hiding behind what we post on social media and that nobody is truly genuine.  Does that mean we should show every part of ourselves that we can for the sake of "honesty"? I don't think that can be right because such a big part of being alive is that we get to experience everything as our own in ways that no one else can replicate, but the thing about now is that for the first time we are being asked to give all of us to everyone.

Social media influencers and Internet personalities will never be the same as movie stars or musicians because social media demands that they put out real information. Real celebrities have always given us stories that may or may not be true and they have the right to keep it that way. Even though real people are behind the screen or the album, we know that the content being put out is specifically crafted for a reason and I know some people would say that our society is shallow and empty for being so okay with that.

Some people might think that we have always lacked a real, true, genuine human connection because of the way we sell and buy human experience in 2 hour movies and 3 minute songs, but maybe the consumption of those things is just a break from all the real connections that we do experience.

It's weird that we have to go to school and go to work and we've created a society that has rules about the things we do to fill our time--- and I think about that a lot. I think a lot about how so few of us get to just be and we have all these responsibilities we don't remember signing up for. How we have made ways to get away from all the realness and find comfort in movies, music, and books that we know are not real but might as well be. And how we scare away the people that make these things even though every single one of us craves them.

So . .  . people who are famous on the internet. They make a new type of content that we can't understand the effects of yet and humans who remember a time before the existence of this will tell you how crazy it is.

People who are famous on the Internet seem to have more mental breakdowns than the average person because they have a responsibility to tell their fans about their leave of absence. Technically they are their own boss but respond to the demands of millions of people they will never meet. We eat up their content because we know that it's real and they are giving us as much of themselves as they can. Yet people complain that they are lying and post videos "exposing" their lies and people still try to find out their secrets.

My point is that I've seen people complain that what we post online is fake and we only post the good things and not the bad. Because maybe we've put so much pressure on ourselves to savor the good things that we remember to stop and take a picture.

My point is that no matter how advanced technology is we will never be able to give up all of us. Anyone who has an account on social media KNOWS about the immense amount of pressure. No wonder everyone has to take a break sometimes.

So . . . what's the solution? How do we post what we want online without it being inauthentic or not showing the whole picture? My point is that it doesn't matter because we have always hid pieces of ourselves and we always will. We have to keep our favorite breakfast cereal to ourselves because we won't have any life left if we stick around to post and then consume all of that information.
Everyone is lying and at the same time nobody is because the truth is different to everyone. Every person you have ever met only knows the parts of you that you have chosen to show them.

The people you know professionally and the people you know personally will never know all of you and you will never know all of them because you can only keep so much and that's okay! Isn't it crazy how much we don't know about other people and how much we really know about ourselves?? We will never know it all and that blows my mind because I kind of really want to know everything but maybe we can't because the universe knows it's not that important. Maybe we exist only to think about the bigger picture.

So give nice people online a break. Give a little and take a little. Wear cute socks under your sneakers that one else can see because they make you happy and only you can truly do that. There is value in the things that only you can see and only you can give because there is value in everyone and we can never ever capture that. It just is.

Thanks for reading my essay about youtubers and bands and blogs and cute socks. Thanks for coming to my ted talk about how the Internet is not really ruining our lives yet and everyone needs to chill out because it's really not that deep. Thank you for being here and being addicted to the Internet with me and for seeing the world the way that you do.


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  1. Ooh this was such a good read :) I agree with you, that we should only share at a level where we're most comfortable and not feel the pressure of sharing too much about our lives. Our information shared online is part of our identity, which is why we shouldn't feel obligated to share it all because it's part of our privacy too. Thanks for writing <3


    1. So true! It's really weird how we think about what we share, right?? Thank you for commenting! ♡

  2. Oh man, I consistently resonate with your posts, and this one was just SO GOOD. So much food for thought here. I adore the concept of wearing cute socks and doing small things that no one else will know about, but it's just for you. And you're like blowing my mind with the thought that we can never truly know everything about a person because they only share what they've chosen to with us. *WHOA* But it's so true! And I think you've touched on a great point in that it's important to keep some things sacred and offline that are just for you. It's almost giving those things more weight because you know that no one else will see them or know about them, and sometimes that makes those moments mean more.


    "It's weird that we have to go to school and go to work and we've created a society that has rules about the things we do to fill our time--- and I think about that a lot. I think a lot about how so few of us get to just be and we have all these responsibilities we don't remember signing up for."

    Say it louder for those in the back! Haha. I think about this all the time. Like, who decided this 9-5 job was The Thing? Can we change that? Can we all just go walking in the woods? Lol.

    Loved this!!

    1. Thank you!!! I thought about cute socks and how great it is that people keep things just for ourselves and how impossible it would be to give all of that up right? Then one of my professors talked about how we only show certain parts of us to other people and my mind linked those two together and this post was born! I love that you quote to support your response, it's so academic haha. You totally get me! ♡ (p.s. I'm down to change the 9-5 lol)

  3. I seriously have been thinking of this for soo long. Lately I've seen some bloggers completely leave the blogging world because they say it's too fake. Lot's of times yes it is but that's only the people who want to be on top, and don't want to share their successes with other bloggers because they're the greedy type.

    But a lot of times, we have to be private, the internet has 0 privacy unless you keep certain things to yourself.

    and seriously, yes, it's REALLY NOT THAT DEEP! lol
    Glad im not alone on this one!!!

    1. I think we put SO much pressure on each other to put it all out there online and be "real". You're so right lol! ♡


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