On Creating Your Own Meaning

21 February, 2019

In one of my classes we talk endlessly about metaphors and the way that artists create pieces with meaning that sometimes people cannot see. How we can look at a photo of an empty bed and make a connection about love or loneliness even though all we see is an empty bed. It's our culture that has trained us to make these associations and to know that gifting flowers is a sign of love, and we've been conditioned to find meaning in these things that don't inherently have any, so what does that mean for us?

7 Easy Valentine's Day Cards You Can DIY!

08 February, 2019

Although Valentine's Day is pretty much a reason for florists and card companies to create more business, I've always loved the pink and red aesthetic. I love the heart shaped everything and the concept of giving gifts to the one's we love. Gifts can be small like homemade baked good or even DIY Valentine's Day cards! I used to make cards and little notes for all the time so I'm looking forward to listening to music and working on these. This is also an excuse to play with construction paper and glitter on a Friday night. Here are a few cards that are easy to make with any art supplies you have laying around that you can give to anyone who plays an important part in your life.

I found some inspiration from classic Pinterest crafts as well as anything had in my art supplies box that I haven't used in a while. These don't require any sort of artistic ability as long as you persist. If you like them or recreate something similar be sure to let me know!

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