7 Easy Valentine's Day Cards You Can DIY!

08 February, 2019

Although Valentine's Day is pretty much a reason for florists and card companies to create more business, I've always loved the pink and red aesthetic. I love the heart shaped everything and the concept of giving gifts to the one's we love. Gifts can be small like homemade baked good or even DIY Valentine's Day cards! I used to make cards and little notes for all the time so I'm looking forward to listening to music and working on these. This is also an excuse to play with construction paper and glitter on a Friday night. Here are a few cards that are easy to make with any art supplies you have laying around that you can give to anyone who plays an important part in your life.

I found some inspiration from classic Pinterest crafts as well as anything had in my art supplies box that I haven't used in a while. These don't require any sort of artistic ability as long as you persist. If you like them or recreate something similar be sure to let me know!

a few recommended materials:
    • construction / scrapbook  paper
    • card stock or multi-media drawing paper
    • scissors
    • a straight edge 
    • colorful markers / sharpies
    • ball point pen
    • glue
    • glitter
    • pencil & eraser
    • masking tape
    • stickers!

I don't consider myself a crafty person because I am definitely not someone who is neat. When I make art or create little projects I like to lay out all my materials and work until I feel satisfied with the result. In the process I usually end up with glitter on the floor and pen all over my arm but it keeps me focused! You don't have to be crafty to use art supplies or give someone a handmade gift, just inspired!

First you'll want to use your straight-edged-object (I used a CD case) and cut out the shape of your card. I went with the traditional square/rectangle shape but for valentines you can do absolutely anything like stars, circles, or even a heart shaped card.

Then I like to line them with either a colorful paper border or I even tried to tape down and then watercolor a border around the edge of the paper. Then you're ready to decorate!

Be sure to test out the size and texture of the paper you're using and prep a stable area for the project!

For a majority of these I had drawn out a simple design onto construction paper with makers I had sitting around and did some careful cutting. I think cutting paper is really relaxing and went a little overboard but tried to add some simple glitter and watercolor to make them a bit more mixed media. The cards rounded a little bit when I used the water even though it is multi-media paper but after putting them under books were perfectly flat again. There are also some visible brushstrokes but I think they add a nice handmade touch and are always each to cover up with a border or different detail.

hand heart card: My sister has been really into the Korean Pop group Black Pink lately so all I hear about is Lisa Manoban and she is the inspiration for this card! The members of Black Pink do this little hand gesture where they make a heart with their finger tips and so to create the card I decided to draw it out on paper with a dark marker and add some glitter.

raining love card: I used to doodle umbrellas a lot and kinda love the shape for some reason probably because of that Disney animated short with the umbrellas) and that was a bit of the inspiration for this one.


I made up ideas as I went along and also tried to experiment with some cards little enough to stick practically anywhere. I layered lots of paper for the XOXO card and tried to used some different colors as well like blue and brown. I added stripes, cut outs and any type of Valentine theme I could think of. I hope these inspire you to get crafty and make cards! I think they're really a dying art and although they might not be the most professional looking are even more personal.

Let me know what your Valentine's Day are and when was the last time you actually made a card?!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. Oh my gosh ur super talented! Me being a kpop lover (lol) I really like the finger heart one lol!
    Thanks for sharing, this is super creative and I wanna try making cute cards like this, I just never have the motivation :/

    1. Thank you, I think that might be my favorite one too! ♡


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