February in Poetry

03 March, 2019

February is the shortest month of the year but definitely not the shortest entry in my diary. A lot of the time I journal but on top of that I have a little collection of those same thoughts except in verse. Basically I condense an entry into a poem and keep a separate record of my life-  in poetry. Sometimes they rhyme and I call them songs but sometimes they are just fleeting thoughts I want to remember. Usually they are inspired by things around me or other songs I hear but they are still poetry to me and February is always a good month to write.

Most days I write down these little lines that come to me or short four line poems that describe my life at the moment so it is sort of like a journal but not quite. They really don't make sense but in general I've been liking my work from this month so this a bit of a monthly wrap-up in verse. Maybe someday I'll expand on them but for now here is just a bit of ideas. There are ups and downs to life just like there are in writing but I encourage everyone to exercise that muscle!

2 / 1
it is peaceful and kind on nights like this,
angel skies and a voice that looks like bliss

2 / 3
I think about how different my life would be
if I had just talked to you

I guess moving back was bittersweet
I knew I'd miss the emerald green
magazine collage dreams
thought I'd find what I needed
in the city

2 / 10
I'm not afraid of
being afraid, it
might seen redundant but
you'd be surprised
of how many people
around in this world
around in my world
who don't even know
they're alive

2 / 14-ish
how do you ask for help when nothing's really wrong?
it's just that I can't sleep and everything is a little off

call me a cliche
for feeling so much better
on sunnier days

I've never seen the grand canyon
but I know how it feels
people say it used to be filled with water
people come but they never stay
they take pictures but they never say

heaven painted my windshield with rain
and I just washed it away

2 \ 15
if I don't have to accept anyone's reality
I would then have to listen to myself

they wouldn't let me change me so
I changed everyone who saw me

I used to think forests were reflective
they bend to let light in

there is no such thing as perfect,
but I have yet to see flaw in you.

2 / 16
the darkness wrapped its arms around me
and said nothing is going to be okay
but I've grown to trust her because
light has only told me lies
and begged me to stay

You'll never make it
with a head full of static

How afraid are you of being here?
the ultimate mirror
is who you are when you're high
I don't blame you for trying to
drown out the noise,
Let's make a place we both want to be,
Let's create the quiet

2 / 21
long walks home alone
thoughts of the empty parts of my room

2 / 28
long drives on closed roads,
indents of my body on the couch,
the way our conversation
decomposes within my mind
makes me think
I just miss the sound.

stiff like body joints in the cold
scared of one day feeling old
not sure when I'll stop caring
but knowing one day it will come

trying to cut away the irresponsibility
trying to remember the things I still like
I want to be the best person for myself
sometimes purple is just grey in the light

you were an angel
all the stars in the sky
no one said forever
but I thought I had mine

I will become my own


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  1. These are so nice! I like how u came up with these it reminds me of my high school classes where they made me write creatively. It really made me feel good to wrote those thoughts so i like these poems of yours hehe. Thx for sharing!

    1. Definitely similar to what comes out of a creative writing class lol, thank you! ♡

  2. I am a superhero.
    I saw it come out of me yesterday.
    A song replayed on my phone by Luav, Superhero.
    I am one. March may be when the flowers awake
    but I too don't see the sunshine as a good thing.

    I run away from the sun.
    From what others find happy.
    I find comfort in those dark clouds.
    I find hope in not seeing, strength in tears
    and courage in being open to feel.

    You are a flower in spring blooming.


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