a short list of things I think will make me happy if I buy them

27 April, 2019

We buy a lot of things that we don't need everyday and collectively I think it's a bit of a problem that we have so much stuff. I am constantly trying to turn over a new leaf and just be a better person and too often this involves thinking that I need to buy new things to make that happen. This post is a little bit about the myth that new things will make you happier and that participating in capitalism is the only way to achieve what you want. I'm also not going too much into detail but I know everyone often does things without considering the consequences and even when we do it's hard to break away from the cycle so this is me trying to distance myself from that a little bit.

I'm encouraging you to look at your spending habits and maybe some things you have but don't need. Think about what you hoped those things would do for your life and how you can maybe change without them or with what you already have. Will it make you happier?

How To Take Straight A+ Notes

15 April, 2019

With final exams approaching I wanted to post some advice I have for note taking that I've been collecting for a long time! I really enjoy taking notes in class and not because I always use them to study but because I consider each page to be a unique piece of art. In a page of notes I document that class period with information and stories/examples/doodles that help me remember the lecture as a whole and context surrounding it.

I know how much people love Studyblr and very very cute pages of notes with banners and adorable markers but this is a different approach. My notes have always had a very organized structure and I make use of titles, margins, etc. but don't focus on making them perfect because they only need to make sense for me. I know that method works for some people because it helps them pay attention to what they are learning about but I prefer to take down as much information as I can in a way that is informative and makes sense to me. If you have never really been into note taking and are looking for another approach, then these tips are for you!

a playlist for april

06 April, 2019

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