12 Ways To Bring More Art Into Your Life

28 May, 2019

Art! Is! Everywhere!  It's your clothes, your shoes, in the websites you visit, the advertisements you see. It's on TV, on food packaging, books, the house you live in, and your mother's garden. Art is everywhere and we need it to survive. I think a lot of people take for granted how often they use their right-brain everyday and the way that it impacts our lives.

Any form of self expression is art and I want people to know how to use it to make their lives better. It's a useful skill for every person in that way that it allows us to be individuals without necessarily having to share it and prove something. It also can be a personal thing that you use to just free your mind and take more control in your life. Since it is summer, this a bit of inspiration for the upcoming warmer months and things to do when you are looking for more creativity. Here are 12 ways to bring more art into your life and take a step back without taking a step away.

    • start a journal
    • hang up art prints in your bedroom / decorate it / rearrange everything and get new energy flowing
    • cook something beautiful - cooking a meal is without a doubt an art form for all of our senses and it's very underappreciated
    • start a garden
    • buy different clothes - try fashion you didn't think was ever going to be for you and do what everyone is already telling you - t h r i f t!
    • paint your nails/ a picture / the walls - I have always thought the world might be prettier if we decorated more of the boring city walls and had colors on buildings that we aren't used to
    • create a short vlog or film about your life
    • take a summer class about something you've always wanted to learn
    • go furniture shopping - buy used pieces that are so so cool or invest in something new to feel excited about an old space
    • go on trip somewhere new then take pictures of every second
    • put on some music and dance like nobody is watching
    • go for a walk and write about everything you see

Now that I think more about this post I realize how much we are told to consume and buy and I want to think about art as more than just something that we make to put on shelves or fill empty homes and walls. I want to think past the pretentious art world and focus on how to support local artists, small business, and finding self expression through up-cycling the things you already have.

 I want to encourage recycled paper and DIY clothing alternations. I want to remind people that art is every where we live and breathe, that it is more than art galleries and it is not so foreign, not so far. It is here and anyone can do it and everyone is already doing it when you customize your phone case or paint your nails. I think that recognizing little everyday things as works of art doesn't diminish the power of illustration or trivialize fine art but reminds us to not take it so seriously, to find fun in the little things, and value our own intuition just a little bit more. If you are looking to be more creative this summer, don't be afraid of trying something new and have fun being creative!


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