a playlist for april

06 April, 2019

borderline - pool kids
"wear the clothes of a girl you wish you were today,
but you'll change out of them when the sun comes up"

ma chérie - palaye royale
"time won't be enough to make you fall in love with me."

queen of catastrophe - stars in stereo
"I will take this and I will turn this
and I won't fall back down with a shattered heart."

raising the bar - envoi
"kingdoms fall, reigns will end,

houses on sand won't weather the wind,
the rain will stay the same,
watch your castle crash around you."

collar full - panic! at the disco
"I've got a collar full of chemistry from your company, 
so maybe tonight I'll be the libertine."

zombie - the pretty reckless
"two thousand years I've been awake,

waiting for the day to shake."

running - bully
"you're still running, but I don't care,
I'll admit it, I get anxious too."

edge of town - middle kids
"now I'm standing face to face with the king of the underground,
some things just don't add up, I'm upside down, I'm inside out."

I hope you're happy - blue october
"and whatever your progress, I'll know you'll be fine,
because I hope you're happy, even if you're not mine."

bronze - the regettes
"babe you better know hearts aren't elastic."

better - with confidence
"holding my breathe for somebody else and

if I get past the way that, the way that I have been,
would you be proud of me?"

I wanna get better - bleachers
"I didn't know I was lonely until I saw your face,

I didn't know I was broken until I wanted to change."


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  1. OH YES! Also BROKEN BY THEY is great

    1. Oooh I'm definitely going to give that a listen!


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