a short list of things I think will make me happy if I buy them

27 April, 2019

We buy a lot of things that we don't need everyday and collectively I think it's a bit of a problem that we have so much stuff. I am constantly trying to turn over a new leaf and just be a better person and too often this involves thinking that I need to buy new things to make that happen. This post is a little bit about the myth that new things will make you happier and that participating in capitalism is the only way to achieve what you want. I'm also not going too much into detail but I know everyone often does things without considering the consequences and even when we do it's hard to break away from the cycle so this is me trying to distance myself from that a little bit.

I'm encouraging you to look at your spending habits and maybe some things you have but don't need. Think about what you hoped those things would do for your life and how you can maybe change without them or with what you already have. Will it make you happier?

    • reusable bags
    • save the bees buttons
    • hair products
    • skin products
    • paint and canvas for the masterpiece I am someday going to probably maybe create
    • reusable cups / water bottles/ etc.
      • (see how I'm trying to be more eco-friendly but think I have to buy eco-friendly things before I can be more eco-friendly?)
    • workout and gym clothes
    • phone cases / laptop cases
    • stationary
    • t-shirts for every new interest of mine
    • new shoes
    • notebooks for journaling 
    • buttons / pins / stickers

Thinking that I always need to buy objects before I can make a difference or do something new is not good for the environment, my life, or my wallet. I keep trying to break away from this thinking but it's a vicious cycle of thinking I need to buy things to fill a void in my life and then when that doesn't work I try to do it again and then I'll even get bored of the things I just bought so quickly.

I think trying to pinpoint what I think these things will give me, and exploring the change that I'm trying to chase will make a difference in my habits. Writing about the Why and the How and the What might just make me slow down and think before I buy again.

Do you find yourself regretting the things you buy or just not using them how you thought you would? Are there ways we can re-purpose or exchange all of our forgotten hobbies or new year's resolutions? Are you using objects to fill a void that should be filled by people instead? Let's get to the bottom of this and find what we're really looking for.


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  1. I am a teenager with a very limited budget. My parents buy whatever I really need (clothes, etc), but anything I end up buying myself has been thought over and saved up for. Like what you're doing with the Why, How and What, I have to think a lot because I can't make impulse purchases. Using objects to fill a void that should be filled by people? Well, maybe, but I'd rather not have a personal crisis right now.

    1. I am also someone who avoids impulse buys and I think a lot about things before I buy them and I even can feel guilty after for that reason haha. Sometimes I also buy things I don't need because I think they will change my life when I know that most of the time I need to be the one to make those changes and that's what I'm trying to write about. I'm really glad you think carefully about the things you buy because that's a really great trait to have! I also just think there's a lot of room for discussion about the different thoughts that people have about their spending habits and the type of person you are definitely plays a part in that! ♡

  2. I never had any regrets when I buy something than I don't need except for this one earphone from Sudio. I still regret it till today.
    I'm the type that always think carefully before buying something but most of the times it doesn't work. But my best buy is definitely reusable cup / tumbler and cruelty-free cosmetics that I have been using everyday since then.

    But I do need a new laptop case and new shoes. Most of my shoes are all worn out I actually feel sorry for them haha

    1. I regret buying things all the time haha and we have to ask ourselves what it is that we really need! Decide carefully! ♡


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