June In Poetry

08 July, 2019

As often as I journal, I write poetry. Usually it is a collection of my thoughts from journaling that I just turn into rhymes and verse, but it makes me feel really free. I don't follow too much structure or follow any type of rule and I can write life as it happens to me as I see it. I keep a record of the same things just in poetry and I like that just a couple of lines can hold so much meaning. This is the month of June in poetry, feel free to add on or write your own. 

yellow moon, I see you in the sky
I know what they want you to look like
imagine not feeling the way that you do
I am just trying to make it through

when you are busy, just time
feels like a weight upon your shoulder

my love for you is like feathers on the road,
a reminder, mistaken,

I don't waste my time remembering faces
but know I am taking names

a birdhouse is just a cage 
that doesn't look like forever
if everyday you find yourself just trying to get by
then you're not really alive.
feeling guilty for living in a bubble,
for having a free life while others will suffer

lanes have always just been 
lines on the road

where there is smoke, 
there is someone fanning the flames

I miss the sound of my own voice

I hate putting on faces for 
people who don't know that I am

one day your bones are gonna change
we won't look the same we do today
so when you don't recognize the mirror
whose eyes are you gonna save?

bits and pieces of conversation that
don't really belong to me, I keep.
how does it feel to know your words
never really reach me, I believe.

everything is beginning to break down
looking for wide open spaces to keep me warm

the more that I spend,
the tighter the feeling

I feel sorry for the wolves
and the people they eat

maybe everything would be better if we
just did everything perfectly
if we could do everything asked of us
if we could listen

so many of us are just trying
to make it through.

p.s. here is the link to "february in poetry" if you are interested in more posts like this!


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  1. "where there is smoke, there is someone fanning the flames". Love that line because it's so poignant <3

    1. It's one of my favorite too, thank you!♡


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