24 of The Best Artists on Instagram

17 September, 2019

This is a post I should have done a long time ago because of how much time I spend looking at other people's art online. It started out small but now I follow about 300 people on instagram and most of them are writers or artists that I adore. Pinterest is a great source for art inspiration but Instagram especially is full of so many different people creating things that I had no idea even existed.

You don't have to be an artist to appreciate art and this a great list of people who work hard to everyday to create art and can also brighten up your feed in the process! It has really opened my eyes to all of the possibilities out there and also helped me find what styles + techniques that I like best among so many other great tips. None of these images after the first one belong to me but I have listed a few examples of my favorite pieces from each account and also linked each artist to their username. Let me know if you have already seen some of these accounts or if there are new ones that you decide to follow!

  1 - @Tasia.m.s.    
digital illustration

  2 - @isabelle_staub  
traditional and digital illustration 

  3 - @juliakocevas  
 traditional ink illustration

  4 - @myleart  
 traditional watercolor & mixed media illustration

  5 - @kelogsloops  
 traditional watercolor & mixed media illustration 


  6 - @morgandavidson  
 traditional color pencil illustration 

  7 - @teddiparkerart  
 traditional acrylic paint & digital illustration 


  8 - @clionewton  
 traditional charcoal illustration 

  9 - @janicesung 
 traditional gouache paint & digital illustration 

  10 - @pouring.my.art.out  
 traditional resin art


  11 - @fruchtdrop 
 traditional ink & digital illustration 



  12 - @kloodwig
 traditional mixed media & digital illustration 

  13 - @uniquelab
 traditional pen/ink & digital illustration 


  14 - @crystaljadevaughan
 digital illustration 


  15 - @julianneberge  
 traditional graphite & charcoal illustration 

  16 - @sibylline_m  
 traditional watercolor & other mixed media


  17 - @cyanali520 
 digital illustration 

  18 - @chel_chu  
 traditional & digital illustration 


  19 - @blackeyedmarti 
 digital illustration 

  20 - @kelvinokafor_art 
 traditional graphite illustration 


 21 - @albertsoloviev 
 traditional graphite & mixed media

I am obsessed with this drawing !!

  22 - @annielena_art
 traditional & digital illustration 

  23 - @leirebeart
 traditional pen & ink+ illustration 



  24 - @not_sorry_ART  
 traditional acrylic paint

I would say that it's clear my favorite art styles range between highly realistic/representative charcoal and pen drawings, more stylized cartoon-like illustrations with light tones, and fun painting studies with blocks of color. Artists like these have really helped me to understand what kind of art and like and tend to gravitate towards. Instagram also shows me new art styles and mediums that I can try and explore every single day. Seeing how many people are able to do what they love and gain attention for their work reminds me that social media isn't all bad and I would never know about these styles without it.

So I'm still trying to incorporate a bit of all of this into my own work while finding a balance. I am also so inspired when I look at all of the texture and detail put into these illustrations and it blows me away.

Have you seen any artists here that you already follow or any art styles that you didn't even know existed? Let me know how you feel about my favorites lately and please please please recommend some more!


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  1. Oh woah! I will be following some of these artists!

    Woke Up Twenty

    1. Glad you like them! They're super cool! ♡

  2. wow, these are incredible. I don't follow all that many artists, but I will definitely be following some of these!

    1. Thank you for taking a look, I really recommend them! ♡


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