how a moodboard can help sort out your thoughts

10 September, 2019

I loving using Pinterest because it is a digital mood board with all the best part of social media (fandoms, pop culture, cool aesthetics, fashion, art) without the pressure of having followers or being liked. Physical mood boards and collages have also always made so much sense to me because they are laid out in such a visually appealing way and your eyes can jump to each part in order to get a sense of the bigger picture. So I've decided to make a physical collage of my digital pins and it's helped me sort out all my thoughts that I've been looking at online and these are few reasons to why it's been so effective.

As an artist I like to make hands-on work and get my fingers on glue, paper, scissors, glitter, and other supplies that make me feel like I have so much control in what I'm creating. I also feel more of a connection, as strange as that sounds, with the material that I'm using because of those decisions.

I realized I was spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at things that other people had actually gone outside to do and was admiring them instead of going out to recreate those things myself. In making a collage I could choose the most important images I found myself lingering on and make some of the actual arts & crafts decisions I had been looking at online.

There are things I wanted to change about my bedroom and the space I'm living in, so Pinterest was a good source of decor inspiration and just classic inspirational quotes. I also noticed I was looking at a lot of new fashion that I wanted to try, musicians I wanted to emulate, art styles I wanted to experiment with, and just a lot of things that I felt like could create a slightly better version of myself. I decided to lay out on a 27"x 30" piece of foam board all of these things I wanted to aspire to be, so I could get a glimpse at what my boards weren't showing me which was the person I wanted to be as a whole.

Cutting and pasting paper is a good way to relax I find, and the whole collage making process was something I enjoyed. When you have so many thoughts floating around and just find things on social media that resonate with you, it's so important to take a step back and think about why you are saving all of these things in the first place and what they really mean to you. What are we looking for in all of these apps? What does all of this content we consume have that we don't already? The problem with having so many options is that we always pale in comparison what we think other people have and the grass is always greener on the other side. So we keep chasing this idea of what we think we want but we'll never ever ever ever reach it because the idea is always changing  and we will always feel lesser than. Centralizing and narrowing down these ideas makes them a bit more attainable, for me at least.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm at a point in my life where I have to make a lot of decisions about what I want and how to be the person that I want to be, decisions that I thought I would have made by now. Looking at people online who have what I think I want either helps me take a small step towards making progress or makes me feel completely unaccomplished and I don't like taking that gamble anymore. I even have a private Pinterest board full of just things online that I like but won't make me feel that way and I have to remind myself sometimes that things affect me more than I like them so I have to limit their possibility to do so.

Anyway,  I think narrowing down just what I know  that I like is a step toward eliminating what I don't like. As hard as it is and despite what other people think will impact my future, I try to take things one step at a time and do what I think will be good for me in this moment because I never know about the future. I am rarely an impulsive person, but if I am constantly sacrificing good moments and punishing myself in the present to reach an unattainable goal in the future that will always shift the closer I get to it, then I will never be happy. The more that I ignore the present, the more I realize that. The future is like a rainbow, you know? It looks good from far away but you'll never get to hold it. Does that make sense?

Maybe I'm just trying to justify procrastination or another jar of Mod Podge but I think this can really work. Even our brains get crowded sometimes and you have to hit the reset button. Focus on the bigger picture of where you want to go but don't imagine it so great that you're stuck somewhere you never wanted to be. I'm trying to make plans and goals that stick. I'm trying to make less sacrifices and most of all I'm trying to take my own advice.

What do you think?    Have you ever made a mood board? Does Pinterest help you in all the ways you need it do? Also let me know if I should link mine to the blog because it's still my favorite social media but  I think physical mood boards are even more of such an underrated tool to help sort out your thoughts, I really do.


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  1. I've always admired mood boards, but I never got around to making a physical one on my own. Reading your entry inspired me to create one some day. Also, I love your thoughts. I resonate with them, especially with making decisions. Somehow, I feel that I pressure myself too much to the point that I tire myself for being impatient. But then whenever I sit down and talk with my friends who are older than me, they help put things into perspective. You're right that while we're striving to be better versions of ourselves and looking forward to the future, we should also take it one step at a time and enjoy our present. Thank you for writing this! ♡

    1. I'm so happy you're inspired to make one because I'm really obsessed with them! Decision making is also something we all seem to have to work on and it's even harder to do things for our future self without any benefit to our current self, if that makes sense? I'm glad you agree & thank you for your thoughts!


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