the summer we stayed inside | a poem

28 September, 2020

forget me not | a poem or a song

14 September, 2020

Why are you a creator? Why you? Why now?

07 September, 2020

I have been asked to write a manifesto or artist's statement before and it gets harder every time. They want to know why I'm here, taking their class, taking time to do this. I don't have any sort of goals at the moment or idea of where I want to go, instead I just create things and I wait for them to take me places. In regards to art, they ask me: "why you? why now? why here? and what for?" These are the questions I am figuring out the answer for, but not just for me, for every creative I know.

"Ohhh...Alright..." by Roy Lichtenstein
"Ohhh...Alright..." by Roy Lichtenstein
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