lesser known milestones

01 December, 2020

knowing how to dress and which shapes suit you

not having to tell everyone everything, keeping things just for yourself

having a routine that suits you and only you
knowing how to cook your favorite meal
finally being comfortable with being alone
not being afraid to answer phone calls
being able to put your feelings into words

being able to ask for help when you need it
wearing the clothes you want to wear
being able to admit when you're wrong/apologize
having people to talk to

making peace with your body
exercising for your own health, wanting to be healthy
knowing when to stop talking / knowing when to speak up

being unafraid to make conversation and get to know people
being unafraid to dance


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  1. Loved this! I relate so strongly with 'not being afraid to answer phone calls'. It took me years to get used to, as it's also part of my job :") thank you for this, hope you are well!

    Anna Jo | http://helloannajo.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you & talking to other people is always going to be complicated haha! Hope you are well too! ♡


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